Singer, songwriter, actress, poet.

In 2021, she participated in presentations with classics of Brazilian music in the USA. In Los Angeles, ”A Journey to Brazilian Music” for the Central Library and Echo Park branch library and in Culver City, featuring her compositions as well as some Brazilian classics.

In 2020 an EP was released, along with Argentine singer-songwriter Litto Nebbia, “Rua Ensolarada”, by the label “Melopea” (AR), with songs in Portuguese and Spanish.

In 2019, at the invitation of the Cultural Sector of the Consulate General of Brazil, in Los Angeles, she presented her original musical work and classics of Brazilian popular music as part of the “Brazilian Music Get Together” series.

In 2018, the album “Rua de Sol e Lua” was released, with several partners; Roberto Menescal, Rodrigo Lessa, Rodrigo de Castro Lopes. Two other albums with songs by her own and other authors were also released, the albums “Cantiga”, released in 2014 and “Além dos Gestos”, in 2001.

In 2018 she performed at Teatro Flávio Império, in São Paulo, in the same year she performed in Buenos Aires and La Plata, in Argentina. 

In 2017, her song “Daqui” was included in the EP “Dieredief Pacha”, by the Argentine percussion Duo “Gin Leguero”, with whom she performed in Tucumã, Argentina. In the same year, 2017, the composition “Janaína” was included in the soundtrack of the Canadian film “Men proposes God disposes”.

In 2015 she was a finalist for the “Professional Music” award, in the “author” category, and in 2015 the album “Silvia Nicolatto and her Anglo Cornish Friends” was released in England. 

In 2013, she participated in the festival “Cornwall Folk Festival”, an event in the south of England, having been contemplated in an announcement from the Ministry of Culture for that purpose.

In 2011 she participated, with English musicians Pete Kubryk Townsend, Pete Turner, and Neil Davey, in a tour of southern England, through the cities of Falmouth, Penryn, Porthtowan, St Austell, Sturminster Newton, Truro, Uptown Cross, and West Stafford, in a mixture of the Cornish music (of Celtic influence) and the Brazilian music, conserving both identities and cultures together, in a work partly authorial, partly with songs of renown composers. 

In 2003 the album “Brazilian Romance” was released in the USA, Japan, and Europe, by the DTS label on which “Curva do rio”, from the album “Além dos Gestos”, entered in the compilation.

Partners of Silvia’s work: Roberto Menescal, Litto Nebbia, partnership participation was also given, in the version of the song “Canoa Canoa”, with the introduction “Apelo”, song from Fernando Brant and Nelson Ângelo, João Cavalcanti, Rodrigo Lessa, Rodrigo de Castro Lopes, Pete Turner, Neil Davey Hilary Coleman, Raphael Gemal, and recently Roberto Montero and Victor Bezerra.

She participated in the choir (popular and lyrical) in albums by artists such as Francis Hime, Zé Calixto, Olivia Hime, Casuarina, among others, in the recording and presentation with the classical choir “Cia Bachiana Brasileira” in the recording of the DVD “Quadros de uma brasileira brasileira , Villa-Lobos: Choros de Câmara, Noneto and Sexteto Místico ”, live in the Cecília Meireles room, having also sung Brahms and Mahler, among others.

Also, the prize for best lyrics, from the festival of Monte Carmelo (MG), 2001, was an important incentive received as an “author”.

Theater Flávio Império
Photo: Douglas Campos
Sr Brasil Talk Show - Sesc Pompéia
Photo: Ernani Galvão
Central Library, Los Angeles - USA